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HardComp International is one of the best specialized online stores for selling of electronic components for use in prototyping and even manufacture of specialized electronics useful in cases of automation, like robotics, among other electrical engineering projects. You can find our electronic products from the world’s best manufacturers on it. We deliver anywhere throughout East Africa. All brands presented in our online store, are registered trademarks. Copying or placement of the provided information on other sites is prohibited. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the site administrator.

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"I have bought from HardComp a lot of times and they have never failed to deliver.Without a doubt HardComp is the best electronics around."
Mark Maxwell
Robotics Enthusiast

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Address : Three Ways House,River Road

Email : info@hardcomp.co.ke

Telephone : +254740191974

Fax : 020-822-7828